Girls(‘) Night Out

First of all, is it Girls Night Out or Girls’ Night Out? I can’t decide.

Anyway, last night was the eve of Maria’s birthday, and our last weekend together. And as Tuesday had been Michal’s birthday, we decided to celebrate. We’d planned for a while to go out to a bar.

So we made dinner and discussed our plans. We would leave at 9, already almost past Cleo’s bedtime.

“But it’s so coooold out,” said Cleo.”

“Maybe we should have Girls(‘) Night In and just go to Liquorland to buy shots,” suggested Julianne.

“I’d be ok with that,” I added. “I could go either way.”

“Yeah,” agreed Maria.

But Michal wanted to go out. “We’re probably going to stay in and then regret not going out,” she said.

“Ok, let’s just go out for an hour and see how it is,” we agreed. Michal wanted her first legal shot.

But then we started watching the Bachelorette. And we couldn’t leave until the episode was done. We got out by 10. Don’t judge us.

So we found a place and sat at the bar, each ordered a drink. We sat talking for a while, discussing our “glows and glums” of the year, something I’d learned to do on a summer program I once went on.

“I just love how much male attention you’ve gotten, Julianne,” said Cleo. Over the course of the semester, Julianne had been pursued by three different guys.

“Ha, and I’ve had none!”

Spoke too soon. I don’t like to use the word literally, but literally as I said that, a man came up to me.

His eyes were wild and his speech was slurred. “I saw your hair from behind,” he said. “You look like you were in the Hunter Games.” Yes, Hunter Games.

At this point, I should have told him that yes, I was in the Hunger Games. But silly me, I didn’t think fast enough.

He stumbled over a bit, inched closer as I inched back.

He said something about Thor. I smiled and nodded for a while until it was too much. “Who’s Thor?”

“From that movie… you know…”

“Oooh yeah… that movie.”

And then, “Rachel, bathroom?” Julianne to the rescue. I got up and we ran to the bathroom, trying to get words through our laughter.

“What amazing timing, just as we were talking about how you never got male attention!”

“I know, how much more perfect could that have been? Thanks for saving me!”

We left the bathroom and the guy was still there. ”

“Who do you think was the hottest X-Man?”

“I dunno, I’ve only seen it once…”

“I think it was Wolverine. I’m not as hot as Wolverine.”

“We can’t all be as hot as Wolverine, no.”

“Do you want to change the subject?” he asked me.

“If you want…” I said uncommitted.

“Oh, I want… have you seen the Hangover?”

“Uh… yes.”

And then Michal whispered to me. “While you were gone, he came up to me and asked if I thought they were going to play Metallica. I told him, ‘Why don’t you go ask?’ and then I looked away and there was this long pause, and he went, ‘Touche.'”

The man was still there.

“Do you want to finish my drink?” he asked, gesturing toward his drink.

“No, I’m good.” Note that he didn’t offer to buy me a drink, but to let me finish the one he’d started. What a winner.

“So Rachel, what was your favorite thing about New Zealand?” asked Julianne.

“Oh, probably Mount Cook, with my boyfriend. That was lots of fun.”

I wasn’t facing the man, but my flatmates tell me his body language changed drastically after that. I stopped talking to him and finally he slinked away.

We then moved to a different place in the bar, where we waited until midnight to hit, for Maria’s birthday.

“Well, I’m tired,” said Cleo just past midnight.

“Me too,” we all agreed.

“Girls(‘) Night In?”


And so we left.


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