After the exam today, I brought Rachel home with me to meet the flat and to eat American delicacies Mom had sent. She was not impressed with the Twinkies, it was not the legendary treat she had dreamed of. As for the rest of it… well, I’ll let you see for yourself. God bless the USA.

And as for the actual exam… apparently people wrote lots and lots of extra information besides what would’ve sufficed to answer the question. Rachel said one person even asked for a second answer booklet! Another girl in my class said she didn’t finish the last of her essays. Which is funny because i didn’t even go as far as to write “essays,” more just paragraphs… or bullet points.

Well, I hope my teacher appreciates my brevity. If I had to grade 30 exams, I sure would…

Also, this site speaks to my love of Haikus.

Twinkie Haikus


One thought on “AMURICAH YEAH

  1. Since New Zealand has incredibly tough customs standards, and doesn’t permit anything even resembling organic or with eggs into the country (and there are lots more rules), this should give a pretty good indication of just how natural Twinkies, Yodels, Snow Balls, and canned cheese are NOT. I know you tried to read the ingredients, but it is scary just thinking about it! Glad you were able to share a bit of our culture.

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