A Question for YOU

Every once in a while, especially when I’m out for a run or hiking and there’s nothing for me to do but think, weird things pop into my mind. This past weekend, I wondered what the purpose of fingerprints is.They seemed rather unnecessary to me.

So when I got home, I posted a status on Facebook to see what my friends could think of. I got a couple of answers– one said they were for gripping purposes; another said no, that was disproven and they actually add more surface area for nerves, giving us greater sensitivity; another said naaw, it’s so that we can identify those who burn the cooking (thanks a lot); and then there was the post about koalas and their fingerprints.

In the end, I think I must side with him who said fingerprints are needed to add surface area to the fingertips. It makes sense, given the amount of area the hands cover in the sensory cortex, and all…

Anyway, I learned something else really, really cool yesterday, and I’d like to open the forum to you all to grapple over the correct answer. Here we go:

Why is it that some animals have evolved to become infertile? The worker bee, for instance, is born without full reproductive capacities. Instead, it spends its life collecting pollen. Why, or how, would any organism do such a thing if the biological goal of life is to spread your own genes? 

So what do you think? Why is that? NO GOOGLING THE ANSWER.

I do know the right answer, and in my next post, I will divulge it to you.

But for now, GO FORTH AND THINK. Curious to know your thoughts. If you don’t feel comfortable leaving your name in the comments, you can post anonymously!!

…and yet, I still fear the only people who will write anything are Mom and Zoe.


2 thoughts on “A Question for YOU

  1. There are several theories on that and it varies per species… and no ones really sure which if any of the theories are correct =P We learnt alot in 300-level Zoology! Look forward to seeing which theory you’ve go hold of!

  2. Wrong Marylou! Poppy will be glad to enter the fray. I believe that worker bees’ job is to actually fertilize the eggs, and then protect the queen. These jobs would seem reason enough to phylogenetically be of use.

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