It’s Ghost-hunting Season

I’d like you all to know that as of last Friday, I have no work until Finals. And Finals lasts 3 weeks. I’ve never had more than a two-day reading period, so news of excess time came as a lovely surprise. But anyway, my point is that it is currently the 23rd of May, and my first exam is the 7th of June (followed by another on the 8th, and then one on each the 18th and 19th).

Yesterday on the front page (front page!!!!!) of the Otago Daily Times was the following article: “‘Ghost’ frightens college students.” I do not know why the ODT placed “Ghost” in quotation marks, but I do not approve of their tone. Why, ODT, do you not include “ghost” with the rest of the title? Just because you, good writers of the Times, do not believe in supernatural existence, does not mean that everybody shares your beliefs, or lack thereof. Some poor soul (souls, actually, from what I hear– there have been multiple sightings!) out there is terrified, quivering in the corner because he believes he is being mocked by YOU, oh writers of the Times.

Well, given my newfound abundance of free time and my will for adventure, I believe the only logical solution to the dilemma is for me to become a ghost hunter. “Now,” you may be wondering, “why are you, who has always been suspicious of the existence any supernatural forces, be they good or evil, be on a hunt for terrifying ghosts? What’s in it for you?”

To which I would reply, “Haven’t you ever heard of Casper? He’s friendly!” Also, I’m bored. I can’t very well go away on too many day trips because Finals Month approaches, and as I plan to be traveling during the season, skipping class to do more traveling would probably not be in my best interest (I say as I return to class this week after having taken almost all of last week off in order to study for a neuro exam. And let the record say, I think it went well.).

Yeah, I could read a book. That would also work, and it appeals to me as a fine backup plan in the case that I do happen to stumble upon the Bloody Baron or something of that nature.

So wish me luck as I embark upon an all but impossible quest into the depths of Dunedin, on a ghost hunt. I guess I should start on the internet though, because I actually have no idea where these ghosts have been sighted in the first place. I presume those are swell places to start.


2 thoughts on “It’s Ghost-hunting Season

  1. Cumberland College – Where I spent my first year residing. It was the old nurses home and has underground tunnels to where the psych ward used to be. I only went under the college once. It was scary.

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