Another one Bites the Dust

And another one. And another one. And ten or eleven more.

I’m not bad with accents. Usually I can understand people pretty well. But today in Maori Culture class, I was left dumbfounded. As were 200 other people in the class. We had a guest lecturer, and from the beginning, nobody understood a single word. He stood there at the front of the lecture hall looking down and reading this essay he had written verbatim. Once in a while, he’d stumble over words and begin the sentence again.

I saw kids playing Sporcle, kids on Facebook, kids with their eyes closed… I decided to take the opportunity to play a competitive game of Words With Friends with Coach P. I’m winning. But anyway, we sat there in class, nobody knowing what to do. And then a guy spoke up: Could you speak louder? A few people mumbled in agreement. The speaker moved his microphone. It didn’t help. At that point, a couple of kids left. Then some girl asked if he would put the notes up on Blackboard. Yes, he said. A bit of clapping. And then like eight more people ditched. No need to pay attention now. I wanted to capture his voice on tape so you could all see what we had to go through, but it would have been too conspicuous to turn my computer to face him, so I got a video facing my direction. You can see a girl leaving at 25 seconds.

At the end of the lecture, he asked, “Does anyone have any questions?” Giggle giggle… snicker.

Thank God he let us out ten minutes early. And it’s still raining. And cold. I can see my breath inside my bedroom. Yeah, I know I like the cold. But I like the cold outside. Inside, I like it between 59-64 degrees. It is 50 in the common room, and slightly lower in my room because until yesterday morning, my windows were opened. Found my limit. Nice to know it.


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