Embarrassing Things

Mom provided plenty of entertainment this past week, mostly unintentional. She was sure I’d write about it, so she made me promise I’d include an embarrassing story about Dad to balance things out. I tried, but Dad didn’t provide as much golden material. I didn’t include any of these stories in my last post because I thought they deserved their own post. If you don’t find them funny, I am sorry. Mom bugged me all week about the things I was going to write about her, so I went ahead and did it.

1. We were listening to a radio station that plays songs from the ’80s through today. Hey Mickey came on. Mom, directed at me: “Oh I love this song! Have you ever heard it?” Yes. Yes, Mother, I have heard Hey Mickey. I don’t live under a rock.

2. Mom and Dad bought a bag of Cadbury chocolate squares. Each square was attached to one other, so it was two little squares per individual packet. Mom breaks the bar in half and eats just one of the squares. She is satisfied with that. I think this is highly abnormal. I, for one, would prefer to eat both of the squares of wonderful, delicious chocolatey Cadbury goodness. I did not, however, because she was in charge of the chocolates for the week.

3. Don’t You Forget About Me came on the radio. Rachel: “Oh, this song is in the Breakfast Club!” Mom: “Isn’t it from the late ’90s?” You’re killing me, Mom. Killing me.

4. Dad is known in our family for his GOGOGOGOGO travel lifestyle. This trip, though, he had a new toy, a fancy shmancy camera that he’d bought just for the trip. He had no idea how to use it. For this, he took 868 photos. That is an exact number, I looked it up on iPhoto. He’d stop for 5 minutes and take the same photo like 7 times with different settings, or what he thought might be a different setting. On the second to last day of the trip, he finally figured it out. You’d think this would have made him more efficient with his photo-taking abilities. Nope. I miss the GOGOGOGO.

That is all.

Sorry Mom and Dad.

See, happy family.


3 thoughts on “Embarrassing Things

  1. A distinctly unusual thing! Tho Andy and I share no genes,that is exactly the way I approach a new camera and a special trip.

  2. I’d have been even more of an embarassment, ’cause I’d have insisted on singing “Hey Mickey” at the top of my lungs (the way it is meant to be sung).

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