On April Fool’s Day and This Year’s Prank

I know it. You know it. I’m immature.

Yes, though never the cause of day off from school, April Fool’s Day is always the cause of hysteria all over the world, and for that, I love it. I take AFD very seriously, as you may know. While this year’s prank could never match my all-time high from senior year of high school (when I sent my mom a letter from a college I’d applied to telling her they’d rescinded my scholarship and acceptance due to being part of a cheating scandal and left her a number to call– the April Fool’s Day hotline) or the prank that landed me on in LA to be interviewed on the Tonight Show (I gave my grandma some rats for Chanukah), it would be a lie to tell you I wasn’t proud of this year’s prank.

I wrote a Facebook status telling my friends I had spoken to the administrations of both Colgate and Otago and was staying in NZ an extra semester. Though only 3 people “liked” the status, I have a feeling a great number of you saw it. Minutes after I posted the status, I got a g-mail instant message– a friend told me she thought she was going to have to come all the way out and drag me home.

Let me make one thing exceedingly clear: Though I would absolutely love to, I am NOT staying in New Zealand an extra semester. I am, in fact, returning home sometime around June 21, 2012. That is not to say that if you guys from home wanted to, say, all fly out and bring a little bit of Millburn/Colgate down under, I would object. There, the option has been laid out for you. DO IT.

Anyway, while I love playing pranks, I also love hearing about pranks other people have pulled on their friends and loved ones (or on their enemies?). I strongly encourage you to post your favorite pranks in the comments section below!!



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