Rachel writes haikus

I’m taking this philosophy class called “The History of Science.” It’s really interesting, but much of the information goes high over my head. I can’t even begin to grasp some of what we’re discussing. Right now, I’m writing a paper about Aristotle’s theory on celestial motion. It may not sound confusing, but trust me– it is.

I’m a star procrastinator, so in between sentences (or maybe between words in a single sentence?) I decided to take a quick break and write three haikus. A haiku, for those who don’t know, is a three-lined poem. The first line has 5 syllables, the second has 7, and the third has 5. Let me preface this with a warning: I am by no means a talented poet. But these three haikus come straight from the heart, so you’re obligated to like them, k?

I really don’t like
Aristotle because spheres
are too confusing

Spheres are easily
the stupidest kind of shape
why must we learn them?

Poetry is hard
I think I’ll stick to neuro

Did you like them? Aristotle’s theory, in case you couldn’t tell, involves spheres. I won’t bore you with details. I am relatively screwed out of my mind, as this essay is worth 15% of my grade. My final exam is worth 70%!! So that’s kind of  huge bummer because that means I will really have to understand this stuff come May or June or whenever the thing happens to be. For you math whizzes out there who realized that only adds up to 85% of my grade, right you are: I have another essay due later in the year. But this one gives me the choice to write about my homedawg Darwin. Did you know his birthday is February 12, the same day I left home? Darwin’s da man. I like him and his theories and his finches and his shmexy beard.

In other news, last night was daylight savings time in NZ, so now I’m effectively 8 hours behind you guys in the East Coast. (Though actually 16 hours ahead of you). Just in case you’re wondering.

And on another unrelated note, SLOTH. 


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