I really feel that people here just never study.

Tonight I met Rachel at the library (gasp) to study for our impending Sensation and Perception test. Studying was going well (as well as it can go with two of the most random, unproductive human beings to ever walk the planet), and we were doing much better at controlling our constant urges to turn to Youtube. Self control win. But anyway, it got to 10:35, and Rachel suggested we pack up so we could get out before the alarm.

Excuse me… what?? There’s an alarm?? (Interrobaaaang! If you are not familiar with the interrobang, go Google it.)

So at ‘Gate, a couple of the buildings lock at midnight, and then the lights turn out. You can get out, but you can’t get in once the doors lock. I spent countless nights in the Ho freshman and sophomore years, and I was passively forced out by the lack of lights a number of times. I was even locked out once freshman year, with my stuff still inside. Don’t worry, I got it back. But I digress.

The library at Colgate closes at 2 most nights, at 4 during the weeks preceding finals. And the cafe is open all night long. The point I’m trying to get across to you is that it was not even 11:00. 11:00!!!! One of New Zealand’s most major institution’s libraries shuts down at 11:00!! There is something seriously wrong with that. At 10:45, there’s this warning alarm. It’s shrill. Lights flicker on and off, and the alarm is loud. At 11, it’s worse, a more constant shrieking.

What on earth is the administration here thinking???? Don’t they know college kids’ most favorite time to study is after 11:00????

That’s what you call culture shock.


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