A Few of My Favorite Things

I tried to go to Happy Hour with the tramps tonight (har har… I mean with the Tramping Club), but when I got to the bar, nobody was there. So I took a walk around the block and came back 10 minutes later. Still nobody. So I took another walk around the block in the opposite direction. Back 15 minutes later. Still nobody there- just a couple of guys I didn’t recognize. Just as well, though; I’d just come back from the gym and hadn’t eaten, so maybe alcohol wouldn’t have been such a swell plan.

Ok, so Happy Hour wasn’t going to work out, but I was hungry. On my way home I had to pass a pizza place. I haven’t really craved pizza, but as I walked past it, I wanted a slice more than anything. So I went in. They served personal pizzas, so I ordered one with onion, tomato, and pineapple. It was weird– no sauce, and the cheese was drizzled thinly on top– but it was good. It was the end of the night, and there weren’t too many other customers, so the guy at the counter asked if I wanted to add anything else. I added corn.

As I sat alone in a booth eating my pizza and contemplating what had gone wrong with Happy Hour, I thought about all the things that would make the night perfect. I already had pizza.

Hers’s what I came up with, in no particular order:

  1. Pizza
  2. Ice cream (preferably Friendly’s watamellon in a plain cone with rainbow sprinkles because that’s definitely the happiest flavor out there, but we can’t be too picky now, so any ice cream will have to do)
  3. Fruit
  4. Watching either The Daily Show or the Colbert Report or House… or all three, in a marathon
  5. The Backstreet Boys
  6. Puppies. Lots and lots of puppies.

So here’s the cool news: with the exception of the puppies (awwwww), I did/am going to do all of these things tonight! After pizza, I went to get ice cream for the third time since I’ve been here. I needed it. And the cone they gave me was huuuuuuge, way bigger than I should have eaten. But I ate it all and it was glorious. Back home, I ate a kiwi (fruit– they think it’s weird to eat kiwis because that’s like cannibalism), and when it’s posted, I’m going to watch tonight’s Daily/Colbert. I don’t think House is on this week again. Boo. Gotta write about Aristotle tonight, so I’ll probably play some BSB to keep me awake. It’s good Stay Awake music.

For the record, I also really enjoy the colors orange and blue. And llamas.

And furthermore, Rachel, my southern hemisphere twin, introduced me to this song the other day. It’s a huge hit everywhere but the US. It’s been distracting me from work for the last 48 hours. And continuously stuck in my head. Trying to spread it to the States. Viva el boy band.

and when you’re done with that one…


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