Tim Tam Slam… Dunk

Hey, guys. As I told you yesterday, last night we had a Tim Tam Slam sesh. Here’s a picture of a Tim Tam.

They are truly delicious cookies, straight from the hands of God. I promise, that’s a fact. But anyway, last night, Erica and Matt, my downstairs flatmates, came up to watch a movie and eat Tim Tams. Cleo told us about the Tim Tam Slam, so obviously we had to try it. Failure ensued. Just watch.

Anyway, two awesome things happened today. First, I got a package from the Colgate Jewish Union in honor of like three holidays. It was so nice getting mail. It was even nicer opening it and seeing a little stuffed duck that said “Happy Easter.” Made my day. Also, since tonight is the beginning of Purim (which I was unaware of, but my Orthodox flatmate is on top of these things), we made Hamantaschen. Delicious. OH there’s a third thing also! Both the Daily Show and the Colbert Report were absolutely hilarious tonight. Watch them both. It will only take 40ish minutes of your day and it is totally worth every second of it.



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