Cowabunga duuuuude

Don’t ever let anyone tell you surfing is easy. It is not.

I had my first surf lesson today. After stopping by the farmers’ market with my flatmates this morning, I went back home, changed, and convinced Cleo to tag along with me to St. Clair Beach, where my study group would be beginning our extreme sport adventures (or trying, at least). As Cleo and I left the flat, she asked me, “so how’s your balance this morning?” “Huh?” “Because I’m looking forward to taking lots of pictures of you losing it!” Oh.

It was nice-ish out, in the high 50s, and not raining. This was promising. So after a brief this-is-how-you-attack-a-wave lesson, we went out to sea on our own. The waves were minimal but enough to sabotage my balance, just for Cleo. She did get a number of very funny pictures. I looked like I was in some sort of agony in most of them. But don’t let my face deceive you; I had heaps of fun (as the Kiwis say), despite only standing successfully a couple of times. Oh, I did get thrown around a bit… a lot. One wipeout was particularly bad and left me worrying about my historically bad ears. But that all passed, luckily. I dunno how often I’ll get a chance to go back out, with all the climbing and hiking and high prices of renting a board, but if I do get a chance, my goal now is to stand for 5 seconds straight. I think that is manageable, no?

We got back around 3:30, and we stopped into a convenience store in town for ice cream. That was nice. I really appreciate my ice cream.

Back in the flat, my flatmates and I started to prepare dinner, which we decided to make and eat all together. We made lasagna (and by we, I mean Maria and Julianne), which was fantastic. Then we decided to watch Disney movies: Tangled first, and then the Prince of Egypt (which I fully acknowledge is actually Dreamworks, but I consider it to be Disney anyway). In the middle of the Prince of Egypt, TSwift’s “You Belong With Me” started playing loudly downstairs, and we heard a bunch of guys singing along. Taylor Swift rager. What a group of winners. Seriously. Later, Cleo made fun of my American accent, so I mimicked her Kiwi accent… which was then decided sounded more like a pretentious Brit than a Kiwi. I’ll work on it.

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