Illogical weather patterns of a meteorological joke

It rained again this morning. It was windy and dreary and dismal. Today’s newspaper said it rained more yesterday in Dunedin than it usually does in the whole month of February. Fantastic.

But when I checked my email, I saw an influx of messages with recipes people had sent after last night’s post. That was nice.

Anyway, I got up to go to my first class since December 9. It wasn’t really a class, though– just a preliminary lecture. I sat in a lecture hall with other 300-level psych class students, and we listened to a Canadian professor (who pronounced about like aboot) tell us things like, “passing this class is good” and “try not to miss too many classes.” Ok. That was the only class I had today, though. The real stuff starts Monday. I got my timetable for classes today; turns out I have about 12 hours of class a week, what a bummer! My English Lit flatmate only has 5 hours of class a week! And I have 2 classes on Fridays. Meh. You can bet I’ll be taking a couple of long weekends though. But my earliest class starts at noon. It’s not a terrible schedule, except that a couple of the lectures are 2 hours long. That is going to be tough. Also, I’ve never had a real lecture class before. The biggest class I’ve ever had was probably Brain and Behavior, which maxed at around 40 or 50. These– especially the 100 levels– will take some getting used to. I hear that people here don’t ask questions unless they’re in a seminar class (which I am not); they wait until they meet in tutorials later. But I hear my Maori culture class, which will be predominantly American, will be run more like what I’m used to because of the heavy population of American students (haha, no pun intended, since Americans are generally the heavy ones… yeah).

After the class, I went for a 40 minute run while it drizzled. It was nice to get out though. But then I went to the first Tramping Club meeting. It was crowded. There are a lot of tramps at this school. It’s going to be a lot of fun though. The first trip is next weekend, to Paradise, in Queenstown. I’m not going on that one because my study group is going to Queenstown anyway. But the following week is a trip to Fiordland, which is where the famous Milford Sound is. That is supposed to be stunning.

So then I met with Laura and Rachel (Rachel is another Colgate student). It had cleared up and was sunny and beautiful, and we wanted to explore Tunnel Beach. We parted to go back to our flats to change, and when I walked back outside not 15 minutes later, it was raining again. But we braved the horrid weather and decided to go anyway. And whoa was it worth it. The pictures don’t do this place justice. It was unbelievable. Windy as can be, but desolate and sunny and the ocean roared around us and I thought a hobbit would pop up. I am soooo happy I finally got out. Tomorrow I’m going surfing, so wish me luck!!

On our way back, I finally had my ice cream. Hokey Pokey is a flavor that is unique to NZ, so naturally, I had to try it. Mmmmm. Tastes like cake batter with butter scotch crunchy bits in it. So good. So nice to eat my beloved ice cream again.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go run my head under some water. It was very, very windy.

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One thought on “Illogical weather patterns of a meteorological joke

  1. You explain your jokes “it’s funny because…” and that is why we’re friends- i do the same thing!!
    also- bungee jumping?

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