Rachel vs. Dietary Necessities

Human beings need protein. I am a human being. I have not eaten protein in about 2 weeks. Ergo, I need protein.

But meat is mad expensive. And heavy. I tried tofu.

I am a bad cook. I have no sense of what might taste good… or edible. But I am a scientist. I like to experiment. Ergo, I experimented with tofu. Half was boiled and half was lightly fried. And by fry, I mean I spread minimal butter on the pan so that it wouldn’t stick to the pan and that was all. Then I put pesto, mozzarella cheese, and parmesan cheese on top and microwaved it for a few seconds.


Rachel: 0

Conditions stopping me from maintaining a healthy diet: 1

Then I had a peach. That was better.

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3 thoughts on “Rachel vs. Dietary Necessities

  1. Rule 1. Suck it up and buy meat; you really do need it.
    Rule 2. Eggs, nuts, peanutbutter, etc. are all really good ways of getting protein.
    Rule 3. We live in the modern era, ergo don’t use butter in your pan. Get cooking spray.
    Rule 4. Cut the meat before you cook it, it’ll cook faster. Also cut it in the pan. If it’s too red (or pink, if chicken) then keep it on.
    Rule 5. Marinades….want something flavorful? Still it in the fridge with whatever flavoring you want (they make them or you can make your own)

    • thank you mom. haha good ideas though. and fyi, i didnt use cooking spray bc i thought the flat had it already, so when i was at the supermarket, i didn’t buy any. i love the word ergo.

      • Haha redo on rule 5. Marinades for flavor. Put meat in bowl with marinade in fridge morning before cooking.
        And your welcome. I really wish you knew how to cook better =P

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