And so we got wet.

Adventure fail. You know how there’s that saying that there’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing? I’m not so sure about that. Last night, it poured. I woke up several times in the middle of the night to raging freshman and booming thunder, and it rained all through the night. I thought it might stop. It did not stop. So this morning I slept in late(ish) and read a little, hoping it would subside soon. It did not subside. Finally I knocked on Maria’s door.

I’m sick of being inside. Let’s go adventuring.

So we looked through eight bajillion and three pamphlets (it was that exact number) and found a bus route to Portobello (which fazed me a little because it sounds like the name of a mushroom…), where we might see some penguins and sea lions and pretty views. Of course, it was raining, so maybe not. But we had cabin fever, we needed OUT. We packed our bags and went to where we believed the bus would come to pick us up. We saw it as it drove away. So we walked to the supermarket to kill time, because the bus only came once an hour, and the supermarket was near another bus stop.

I bought tofu. Meat is about $25 per kilo (or something like that) so I don’t feel like buying it often, but I do appreciate a little bit of protein. So that’s dinner tonight. I hope it’s good with pesto. Maria and I also bought these little fruits called kiwi berries. We didn’t know what they were, but they sounded good. And they taste exactly like kiwis, they’re just easier to eat. Mmmm. Kiwi berry compared to a kiwi

So finally it was time for the bus to come again. We waited outside where we expected it to be, but it never showed. Then some kid told us it’d just left, though we hadn’t seen it come. So we decided the gods must really not want us to see wildlife and pretty views. We would go back another time when it was dry.

I learned more Danish words, though! Skumfidus means marshmallow, and hyggeligt means good/nice (kind of). Ah, here’s a fun fact: apparently Danish is the second hardest language to learn, next to Icelandic. I do not doubt it.

Anyway, now I’m wet. And it is still raining. Maybe even harder than before.


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