Spreading the Daily/Colbert love to Middle Earth

Kia ora, good people who are still reading this crazy blog. I have just spent the last hour introducing my Kiwi and Danish flatmates to the two and only Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. After a careful choice of which clips to show them– they aren’t American, after all, so showing them Sarah Palin’s Paul Revere gaffe might not have produced the same guffaw in them as it did for me– I started with Donald Trump’s fork and stack pizza clip. Then we made our way to clips of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” and to Stephen Colbert’s “Friday” impression. We went on to Michelle Bachmann’s insights into the HPV vaccine and to Sarah Palin’s “refudiate.” We ended the night with the thought that we may overrun our allotted 60 gigs of internet per month, since the five of us might now be watching Daily/Colbert on a nightly basis. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

Anyway, last night was another quiet night. Cleo and her friend Erin, who is a cooking teacher (sweet, now I can learn how to cook!!) baked this really good chocolate cake with some kind of melty chocolate on the outside… I’m not entirely sure what it was but it looked kind of complicated to make and I’d most certainly mess it up the first few times. But anyway, Cleo, Erin, and two of my flatmates (Julianne and Maria), and I watched Despicable Me on Cleo’s computer. About half way in, our two downstairs neighbors, Erica and Matt, from USC, came by and watched. The seven of us went through the entire cake. The movie was over by 10:30, and I promptly went to bed and fell asleep immediately.

This morning, I got up at 9 and decided to go for a run. I went out past the rugby stadium, where the Rugby World Cup was played in part, to a marina. I ran along a path that hand-railed the water, where I found a sign that said there are sometimes sea lions and to make sure to stay at least 10m away from them. This excited me, though I didn’t actually see any. But you can bet I’ll be back. Either way, it was a really pretty path. I meant to be out for an hour, but I got lost on my way back, as I got around to the school’s campus, and spent the next 45-ish minutes running through campus trying to find my street. So my hour long run turned into almost two hours… not a bad way to explore the city, if you ask me.

After my run, I went across the street from my flat to see Steph, who I hadn’t seen for 2 days. We talked a bit about where we wanted to hike and some trips we’d like to take. It seems like she may end up my primary tramping buddy, which is awesome, because she lives right across from me here, and in the States, she goes to Hamilton, so we can meet up and go to the ‘Dacks together (sorry for that exceptionally long sentence). When I came back, I played Words With Friends for a while and Skyped with Zoe (and Hillary and Rob, since she was home for break). It was lovely talking to the Ginjaah (but not so lovely talking to Hillary and Rob). Then I met my new Malaysian friend, Joanna, for a walk. We explored more of the campus and found the school’s gym, which is new this year and a fantastic facility. I’ll probably be going there quite often.

I came back and made dinner– and by “made dinner,” I actually mean “boiled ravioli”– and then spent a while talking with my flatmates and talking about the comedy that is American politics. I think we’re all going to get along pretty well.

Tomorrow, I’ll be waking up early to get a train ticket for the Taieri Gorge trip for international students. It’s a famous and beautiful 3-hour train ride. You should Google it. Then I’m meeting with Emma, my program’s student leader, to figure out courses and stuff like that. After that, I’m not sure. I may go to the gym or do another exploratory run outside. We shall see.

Anyway, I’m still without a solid group of friends, so I’m in tonight. I haven’t had ice cream in about a week, and I’m craving it miserably. I don’t feel like dinner has ended without it. So I may go to bed so my craving subsides. Loving it here, but missing ‘Gate, knowing that it’s Saturday night there and people are probably having tons of fun. Aaaanyway, I’m gonna go to bed now. Goodnight!


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