The adventure’s not supposed to start ’til we get there…

What’s the worst thing that could have happened? Well, we could have crashed and gone down in the plane and all died and that would probably be the worst thing that could have happened. Ok, then what’s the second worst thing that could have happened?

Our flight could be cancelled.

Yep, that’s what happened. The landing gear broke. Whoops.

But there is good news! TEAM BONDING, YEAH! But actually, this is not good. We are a group of about 35 college kids without a leader and we have no idea what we’re supposed to do. Book a hotel? Stay overnight at the terminal? Get ridiculously drunk?

We’re still waiting to contact our program director, who probably still believes we’re on our way to Auckland this very moment. Womp womp.

……>> UPDATE!!

So everyone on the plane was sent to one of five nearby hotels; mine was the Marriott. I went with one Colgate boy and a couple kids I didn’t know. We each got our own room, which was fantastic, and a $40 voucher for dinner and a $20 voucher for breakfast. So 4 of us met in the bar around 12:oo and found 3 others, who joined us. We ordered meals for the night and then for the plane the next day (had to take advantage of that $40!!) and chatted for about an hour. Great group of people, so far 🙂 But we were all exhausted. We have to be at the airport tomorrow by 10:00 to catch a 12:00 flight into Auckland. It’ll get in around 9:30pm, local time, which means that when we get off, it’ll be close to bedtime. Therefore, we probably shouldn’t be sleeping much on the plane. Uh oh.

So that’s where I am now: sitting on my bed and enjoying the 63 degrees to which I just set my thermostat. It’s close to 1:15 here, or 4:15 New York time. Good grief and goodnight.


3 thoughts on “The adventure’s not supposed to start ’til we get there…

  1. With a start like that, who knows what you are in for! Hope the next plane has an engine:) Safe travels and all the best to finally get out of NJ.

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