Why I’m posting early, and why I’m going to New Zealand anyway.

Hi everyone!! You may or may not have noticed that this is being posted on January 15… and I’m not leaving until February 12. It always seems easier to start something well in advance (say, a month) than it is to start when whatever you’re waiting for is right around the corner. Take packing. Chances are, I’ll put it off ’til two days before I have to leave, unless Mom has something to do with it (then it’ll probably get done with enough time to unpack and pack again!). But anyway, I was on Facebook– that seems to be all I do anymore, because my friends have all left me for school or their own adventures abroad– and I noticed that a friend had started a blog, so I got excited, and my impulsive self decided to start writing my own blog. So here we go.

Many of you have asked me why I chose to spend my semester in New Zealand. Is there a program for my major? Am I obsessed with the LOTR? Am I purposely trying to get as far away from all of you as I possibly can manage? No, I wish, and maybe (naw, just kidding, you guys are great.). I chose New Zealand for a reason those of you who know me and my work ethic probably never saw coming: it is 98% purely for fun and 2% for bragging rights about being there while they film the Hobbit. I will only be taking one neuro course; I will not be working in a lab or networking or doing anything remotely related to what I want to do with my life. No, I chose New Zealand because it may very well be my last chance to have unadulterated fun.

While unfortunate that this winter ended up being the biggest bummer since the last time it failed to snow all winter, I am not really as upset as I made myself out to be. See, I will be spending the next four months rock climbing, zorb balling, bungee jumping, hiking, surfing, and doing generally insane and what some of you may view as unintelligent things. Don’t worry, don’t worry… I’ll take all the safety precautions, I promise. But the point is, while this winter kind of sucked in regards to the weather, I’m really looking forward to spending some quality time outdoors in the adventure capital of the world. With med school in the near future (hopefully!!) and a newfound interest in neurosurgery, chances are that I’ll be in school until I’m at least 30. So why not take a four month recess when the chance has been handed to me on a silver platter? Anyway, that’s the reason I’m going to New Zealand.

With all the craziness I’m bound to be partaking in (I know, I know, I ended that clause with a preposition– sue me), when, you may ask, will I have time for my studies? Valid question. Don’t worry– I have a plan, not that I wish to divulge it to you on public space. But fear not, good people, work will be done.

Until then, I doubt I will have many topical stories to tell you… I will be continuing my work with the neurosurgeon for the next month, watching as many live Daily Show and Colbert Report tapings as I can ethically manage, continually improving at Words With Friends (watch out), and going back up to ‘Gate for a couple of days. But come mid-February, expect updates roughly weekly, maybe more if I get super excited about things. Which is a distinct possibility.



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